Using storage solutions to get the best out of your space

The key to cantilever racking systemsa cantilever racking system in place

A key principle of cantilever racking is the fact that it is a rigid structure designed to hold bulk or bulky items that you would not want front facing obstruction to. This is at it’s core a beam that is anchored at one end to an upright beam in vertical fashion to allow storage space to be used upwards rather than outwards, meaning floor space is preserved instead of laying products out on to a floor where A) it can be easily damaged and B) restricting movement of bodies or vehicles due to the placement of cumbersome products.

The components

As discussed, this type of racking configuration is aimed at the bulkier, more awkward products that you would supply / buy. The principle of this is down to the clever way it distributes the weight along the arms to the vertical ‘uprights’ structure, which in turn is held and supported by the extremely rigid bases that are more than likely bolted into the floor to provide even more stability when it comes to the storing of items of a bulky or unstable nature. To further increase the rigidity of these units, more often than not they will come with supporting braces that link the uprights to provide further solid structuring to the cantilever racking systems.

The advantages of this particular storage unit

The key advantages of using this particular kind of storage racking configuration is that the units can be adjusted to any size needed regarding the product’s size. Another key is the fact that this layout can be replicated front and back thereby increasing storage density and the volume of items that you can hold, increasing your capacity to deliver when need the goods that your clients require. These storage units allow you to provide a service to your clients that they will find valuable. You can find cantilever racking from all good trusted┬ástorage manufacturing companies.