Mezzanine flooring

What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure which is constructed between the main floors of a warehouse or building to act as an intermediate floor. Most commonly, they are used to create additional space in warehouses, retail shops and offices.

Benefits of mezzanine flooring

There are many benefits to installing a mezzanine floor into your warehouse/ building. These include:

  • Increases your production and storage space in your building or warehouse.
  • Utilises the vertical space available.
  • Fully demountable meaning that if you did want to move premise you could, and you could take your mezzanine floor with you.
  • Costs a lot less than what it would cost you if you relocated due to lack of space.
  • Designed to your requirements.

Mezzanine Flooring

How much does a mezzanine floor cost?

The cost of a mezzanine floor will depend mainly on your requirements. Usually, the cost is calculated per square metre, plus any additional requirements such as fire safety. However, the cost between installing a mezzanine floor into your existing workplace to relocating will be a lot cheaper.

Design and installation

There are many factors which you will need to consider before searching for a quote for the installation of a mezzanine floor. These include emergency lighting, fire protection, smoke and fire alarms, relevant safety signs and passageways. Depending on your requirement and what additional factors you would look to include in the installation, will also depend on the price.

We recommend that anyone looking to install a mezzanine floor to do their research first and investigate the chosen supplier thoroughly. If you are struggling to find a trusted supplier, there are many companies which we would be happy to recommend to you.