Gear Cutting Company

Gear Cutting Company

Various Processes from a Gear Cutting Company

The gear cutting industry is a very competitive and challenging industry. This bespoke and precise methods of work require the highest of quality, fully qualified and experienced staff to ensure that they apply the appropriate gear cutting method available to the gear cutting company so that the customers requirements are met producing an excellent and reliable product.

The methods available to a gear cutting company can vary dependant on the equipment and services that you provide to you customers and clients. The 4 most recognised and common gear cutting processes within this industry are Broaching, Hobbing, Milling and shaping. Each gear cutting method has its specific applications dependant on the gear that is being cut and produced. These process’s as well as precisely and intricately cutting gears to shape are conducted with a fast and efficient turn around time in mind for your business. This is important to us as we understand that if the gear in question is an essential part of one of your machines or assembly lines this can cause down time within the factory or warehouse.

Gear Cutting Company Services

As mentioned above there are 4 main gear cutting processes used across a gear cutting company that offer different methods and fine cuts tailored to the measurements and requirements set by the customers.

These Gear Cutting Company Methods Include:


The broaching process will be most frequently used in a gear cutting company that tends to cut very large gears to measure using a spline or vertical broach. Broaching is one of the more expensive methods however it is outstanding for creating the tooth shape of a gear and producing large gears in huge volumes.


Hobbing is one of the most common methods and can be seen for almost all production run sizes although seen to be most ideal for medium gears. This process of gear cutting uses a hob to cut teeth with every revolution for a gear.


A gear cutting company would use the milling cutting process if they produce helical gears. This method simply uses the precision of the milling machine or jig Grinder.


This is one of the most convenient and simple process’s, shaping uses a continuous same plane rotational cut to cut the gear to shape.