Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders

A vibratory feeder is an essential piece of mechanical equipment throughout many industries and business sectors. The Vibratory feeder can be seen used across assembly lines all around the world essentially used to move bulk materials and are used to advance materials such as foundry, glass steel and plastic through construction and manufacturing facilities. Some of the many industries that use a vibratory feeder system include automotive, electronic, cosmetic, packaging, food and pharmaceutical etc.

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Vibratory feeders can save hours and hours of manpower for a company, saving money and time hauling bulk material from one place to another. The vibratory feeder solves this issue as it can automatically at a high speed feed and move material from a production line and assembly system.

A Vibratory feeder uses cleverly designed tray or pan to move the material from one area to another using vibration. This vibrating movement determines the direction in which we want the material to travel, this is achieved by orientating the drives on the tray so that the frequent vibration causes the material to continuously hop and move.

Benefits of Using a Vibratory Feeder

The benefits of using this type of system in the food and packaging industry is that the vibration causes a consistent flow and even spread of product ready to be separated into there packaging. Furthermore, the vibratory feeder uses a compact and solid tray to move the material along which is a lot easier to maintain and clean. This is because unlike other magnetic systems there are no mechanisms or joins for product or other miscellaneous items to get trapped in potential causing damage and meaning a breakdown in the production process.

Finally, another advantage is that vibratory feeders typically use an electromagnetic drive. This give manufacturers the ability to control the amplitude of the magnet thus controlling the speed of the flow rate. This is essential for a company such as Master Magnets who handle the separation and contamination of all ferrous and non-ferrous.


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How a Vibratory Feeder Works